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I’ve been reading Joost Bakker’s posts today, of all the amazing projects that he’s put his heart, mind and soul into only to have them dropped or rejected by some bureaucratic department. Red tape. It’s killing us. Bakker says he is taking some time out with his family, on his farm and away from social media. As someone with more motivation than I can contain; more ideas than I can physically carry out, I find myself feeling his pain and hopelessness more than I’d like to and understand why he has to withdraw. I wished he would quickly post about a project that is still going ahead to lift my spirits! So I went hunting for one and discovered the fantastic Burwood Brickworks project by Frasers Property.

“…the 22 hectare site will consist of up to 950 dwellings housing over 2,000 new residents, open spaces and a civic boulevard fronting the integrated retail centre. Underpinning the site, an ambitious 12,756m2 retail centre is anticipated to be a world first in sustainability and is seeking to be the world’s first retail asset to achieve Living Building Challenge accreditation.”

Quoted from the Frasers Property website: https://www.frasersproperty.com.au/retail/vic/burwood-brickworks/register

Back to work for me now, so if you’re in need of a good news story as well take a look at the article and clip below.

TheUrbanDeveloper: Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre Sells New Way Of Green Thinking